Team: Can Vu Bui, Lane Rick

Carousel is a playground folly, a colorful respite from the brilliant whiteness of a winter’s snow.
There are two certainties in the Canadian winter: that the windchill makes it feel colder than it is, and the snow has an overwhelming power to paint an environment entirely white. The former makes it hard for us to socialize outdoors, while the latter robs us of color.

We imagine Carousel as a simple folly with a white envelope, that at first approach, blends into the snowy landscape of the Red River. Wood-framed much like a typical gazebo, the exterior is clad with a white metal shell, but it is perforated and corrugated so the shell is blurry: a colorful interior bleeds through the tiny apertures like a hazy mirage in the desert of winter. As one comes nearer, the color becomes more apparent, the folly is not so much white as it is white-in-transition. Upon entering, the world is transformed. Painted in a colorful gradient that mimics a summer sunset, we are enclosed from the winds, shielded and directed to look up: that rare sharp blue sky by day, the stars unfolded by night.