Research is core to Office of Things’s constant interrogation of space, design, and things. Below, a runnning list of published essays, interviews, articles, drawings, and so forth.

Architect’s Newspaper
Review, Drawing as Practice at National Academy of Design
By Lane Rick
November 2023

New York Review of Architecture
No. 20, “Living Large”
By Lane Rick
May 2021

New York Review of Architecture

No. 14,Bricks and Brownstone”
By Lane Rick
September 2020

UVA Lunch #14 Frontiers
By Katie Stranix & JT Bachman
September 2020

New York Review of Architecture
No. 13, “Brooklyn’s Church”
By Can Vu Bui
July 2020

Urban Omnibus
Drawings, The Union Carbide Building for “Pass the Leftovers”
By Lane Rick
February 2020

New York Review of Architecture
No. 7 Drawings, The Union Carbide Building & The Seagram Building

By Lane Rick
December 2019

Constructs, YSOA
Tribute to Robert Venturi
By Lane Rick
Spring 2019

The Site Magazine: Foundations and Disruptions
“The Living House”
By Lane Rick
Fall 2018

pulp #38: Extremism
Interview with Brock Forsblom
By Lane Rick
January 2018

pulp #26: Google
Interview with Ryan Trinidade
By Lane Rick
October 2017

pulp #23
"In Defense of Things"
By Lane Rick
September 2017

Fresh Meat IX: Fake / Fiction
"Counterfeit Museum"
By Lane Rick & Can Vu Bui
September 2017

The Site Magazine: Vernacular
Storefront Worship: Commercial Architecture, Religious Signs
By Lane Rick
Spring 2017

Architect's Newspaper
Penn Station Proposals Fail to Recognize Unique Opportunity to Improve Regional Transit
By Lane Rick & Jim Venturi
November 2016

uncube magazine
Brooklyn Icebreakers: New York Dialogues
By Lane Rick & David Bench
March, 2016

Onsite Review #34 "Writing on Architecture"
Times Square: Signs and Icons
By Lane Rick
Spring 2016

UVA Lunch #10 Alien
Catalog of Chinatowns; Fieldnotes on Globalization and its Mistranslations
By Lane Rick & Can Vu Bui
July 2015

Perspecta 47: Money
By Can Vu Bui, Erik Herrmann, Stephen Gage, Ian Starling, and Vincent Calabro
September 2014