Project Team: JohnTaylor Bachman, Can Vu Bui, Vincent Calabro, Lane Rick, Katie Stranix, and Patrick Proctor  

How does a media company create separation between spaces? How can a wall be both visible with video content and invisible when turned off? How does a constantly changing company use a screen without looking immediately dated?

Screen Play is an immersive and interactive architectural partition designed for the tech offices in California, the purpose of which is multifold but ultimately quite simple: when a design can remove the frame from a screen, from the imagery it contains, then the technology fades and only the video remains.

Screen Play proposes that by breaking the image into many vertical screens, what we see can be boundless, provide transparency, and remain relevant; it can be a partition, a video wall, and with reflective materials, disappear altogether.

Photos: Tom Harris Video: Saint Hereford