Team: Lane Rick, Sol Condo, Can Vu Bui

Featured in Frame Magazine, November 2023

How do we make space, without taking up space? How do we transform an interior without moving or adding walls? Office of Things addresses these unique and specific design challenges in the studio’s latest project: Moons.

The Bay Area client was nearly ready to move into its large new office, fit out with workspaces, cafes, lounge areas, meeting rooms, and amenities. The many corridors that tie these programs together would have heavy circulation, but lacked the aesthetic consideration of the other  areas. We sought strategies to create a highly impactful effect with as few ‘built things’ as possible. How could we create a network of intimate, identifiable, fun hallways with a sense of place?

The result is a nod to our love of theater and stage lighting, where minor interventions routinely transform space. An extended study of the relationship between light and color recasts areas of transition as points of reflection, drama, and movement. Inspired by shows like Phillip Glass’ Akhnaten at the Metropolitan Opera, or Wayne McGregor’s Tree of Codes at the Park Avenue Armory, we sought to transform the mundane into a full spectrum of light, shape and shadow.

The installation spans over a dozen hallways, each with its own architectural conditions; the lights are carefully tailored to each area, with shapes and colors composed in situ: a gesture to a door, or piece of steel structure, a layered effect through a glass partition, or subtle reflection. The overall effect, elevates these corridors into desirable spaces, and in the multiples, stitching together special fleeting moments across the building.

Photographs: Matthew Millman