INCLUDED: Atlanta Legacy Makers

Project Team: Can Vu Bui with Lane Rick

Woodruff Park sits in the heart of Downtown Atlanta, and serves the students, workers, residents, and tourists of the city. It is positioned to represent the diverse and unique history of Atlanta, in its space, its program and its form. Specifically, the lasting contributions of Mayors Mayard Jackson and Ivan Allen as well as Dr. Martin Luther King,Jr have scultped the city we see today.  Moreover, their collaborative fights for justice provide a model for how we can work together today. It is a complex, subtle and necessary endeavor.

For the Atlanta Legacy Makers, Office of Things proposes a composition of circles that lock together, and represent the unions and friendships that have made Atlanta possible. A raised ring hovers overhead, giving urban presence and form to the site. As the day passes, it casts a shadow on the ground, that crosses a larger ring embedded in the site plan.
Visitors to the plaza will be welcomed into the open and embracing space that results.

A long stair negotiates the change in terrain, while carving out a grassy. pocket for picknicking, sunbathing, and resting. The existing fountain on the site provides a pleasant background noise and a meandering path that slopes along the back of the site.