Project Team: Lane Rick with JohnTaylor Bachman, Can Vu Bui, Vincent Calabro and Katie Stranix

The bustling, busy world of meetings, contacts, phone alerts is broken by a meditation space. Hidden behind an obscure door, a soft, dark light lock serves as a gentle decompression space, wherein the eye adjust to the darker light, phones and shoes are placed in a small cubby, and the visitor prepares for a brief escape from the bustling daily life.
She chooses ‘Meditation 2’, one of three options.

Beyond the light lock, calming music in the meditation chamber gradually emerges, and lights slowly illuminate the space. The occupant is nestled comfortably into a felt banquette, but above, the tall space reaches up into a narrow horizon. Light spills out of the horizon line and into the room below. The music and lights above provide a meditative space for escape. The occupant can forget about the daily life below and briefly escape into the ephemeral world above.

Horizon is the second iteration of our Immersion Space Series, which studies the effects of light, space and sound, and the first permanent installation of the work. Commissioned by a tech company in San Francisco, the 100 square-foot space delivers a unique amenity space for employees and visitors seeking a refuge for meditation and rest.

Photos: Tom Harris