Team: Can Vu Bui, Lane Rick and Yubi Park, in collaboration with Matthew Storrie

A small 600 sq ft renovation of a townhouse in Glendale Queens, the original 1920’s home was designed in a heavy and cellular manner resulting in claustrophobic and dark spaces. By discreetly placing new structure throughout, the design opens the house to views, sunlight and air-circulation.

While the design solves the disjointed spatial issues and dark rooms, we sought to do so in an artful, sculptural way, that unifies the new open ground floor in a shared aesthetic language. To achieve those goals we replaced the existing load bearing walls with structural arches, and opened each room to the next as an arched enfilade series. The heft of the arches carry the load, and we used color to emphasize those curves in a sensuous and inviting way. In combination with a thoughtful palette of golds, greens and reds, the curves turn into thematic geometries throughout the home, making for a warm and inviting, yet modern home.

Photos: Nicholas Venezia