Team: Lane Rick, Sol Condo, in collaboration with Francesco Galetto

Featured in Architects Newspaper Interior, Fall 2023

Doubles is located in the formerly cherished Hampton Chutney building on Amagansett Square, in Amagansett, Long Island. As one of the few restaurants open year-round in the Hamptons, it brings a welcoming and informal dining space to both the year-round and summer communities.

As such, for Office of Things in collaboration with Francesco Galetto, the design of the space needed to bring a facelift to the old building, but also straddle the different seasons’ visitors: large crowds in the summer, evening events, had to be paired with an intimate setting for a handful of people in the colder months. The design then is an open kitchen wrapped by a long brass and mahogany counter that makes use of the abundant natural light, while also providing a natural flow of traffic for customers who order at one end of the bar and pick up their food at the other. The highly graphic wood certainly plays with an art-deco feel, but brings a tactility that is matched by the aged brass bar and heavy terracotta, which are handmade heightens the flooring heft. White and gold paint help brighten the entire restaurant.

Custom brass sconces are a subtle nod to the maritime inspiration for the restaurant, and accent the architecture itself. 

Photographs: Nicholas Venezia